Flight Permits

Obtaining over flight and landing permits is the first step of your journey. As a twenty-four hours operation, Aeroflex Aviation (k) ltd is able to process flight clearances for any type of operations promptly and efficiently. We maintain close relationships and personal ties with the Civil Aviation Authorities in order to secure over-flight and landing permits, even on a client’s short notices.

We process the following categories of flight permits:

  1. a) Diplomatic Permits
    Our staff are very vast, well trained and have a lot of experience with the procedures for obtaining diplomatic permits for government and peacekeeping operations worldwide. We have processed diplomatic permits for many of such organizations including the United Nations.
    Whether it is government VIP flights or humanitarian of dangerous goods flights, we have been in business long enough to know the intricacies and complexity of diplomatic permits and we have always been successful in this area in all our years of operation.
  2. b) Over flight and Landing Permits
    We also offer fast and reliable processing of landing and over flight permits. Just tell us which country you want to overfly or have a crew stop or tech stop and we would help you process the over flight or landing permits in the country’s airspace.